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What teachers and students are saying about The Hawai‘i Watershed Experience:

I loved the whole experience. It really fit in with exactly what we are teaching in the third grade.

Diane Kellett, teacher at Ahuimanu Elementary

They truly loved the three day program.

Susan Romar, teacher at Kailua Elementary

It was fun when we got to pick up rubbish. I am going to take really good care of my plant so it can grow big. Thank you for teaching us to take care of our environment.

6th Grade Student, Kapunahala Elementary

I learned that everyone should pick up rubbish at Kaelepulu Pond. There are endangered species in Kaelepulu Pond. We should keep our water clean for them.

3rd Grade Student, Enchanted Lakes Elementary

We should never put oil in the stormdrain. I learned that I have to do my part to keep our ocean clean.

4th Grade Student, Waimanalo Elementary

Thank you for teaching us how to take care of our water. I have told my family how to take care of our watershed, too.

3rd Grade Student, Waiahole Elementary