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Our Projects

In order to achieve our stated goals of protecting the environment and improving individual and community health, we participate in the following activities.

  • Researching, developing, and implementing a curriculum for teaching keiki about the importance of preserving our limited water resources on Oahu and Maui.
  • Identifying, researching, and alerting the public about environmental and community health risks.
  • Working to improve the fitness of children in Hawai‘i by supporting increased physical activity and healthier diets.

Teaching Our Keiki to Protect the Watersheds

Beginning in 2002, Healthy Hawai‘i Coalition worked with grants awarded from the Kailua Bay Advisory Council on O’ahu, and the State Department of Health Clean Water Branch, to research, develop, and implement a curriculum for teaching our keiki about the importance of preserving our limited water resources.

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Other Projects

Cleaning Up Spilled Medical Waste to Protect Our Community, Marine Life, and the Environment

In January 2011 Oahu's only landfill, Waimanalo Gulch, temporarily closed down. As a result, an undetermined amount of medical waste was accidentally spilled into the ocean and was later found washing up on several Leeward beaches. Tulsi Gabbard, HHC's Vice President and co-founder, was one of the first people to show up on the closed beaches--gloves on and trash bags in hand. She was out there on the polluted beaches everyday, along with other HHC volunteers, picking up syringes, vials of blood, and other dangerous medical waste.

HHC Volunteers “Untag” the Graffiti in Makakilo

HHC founder/president, Mike Gabbard, and a team of volunteers recently got rid of graffiti “eyesores” in the vicinity of Palailai St. and Makakilo Drive on December 31, 2005.

HHC volunteers had seen a Dec. 28th article in the West Oahu Current, which told the story of frustrated neighborhood residents complaining about a brick wall facing Makakilo Drive that had become an easy target for kids with spray paint. HHC quickly sprung into action to clean up the graffiti on New Year’s Eve.

HHC Volunteers Tackle Latest Graffiti in Kaneohe

On April 14 2006, HHC volunteers tackled the latest graffiti assault on the Omega Building, in Haiku Valley Kaneohe, a favorite target of graffiti “taggers”. HHC volunteers cleaned up the building in November and painted over all of the existing graffiti.

HHC’s President and co-founder, Mike Gabbard, got so many calls from thankful residents who were sick and tired of seeing the beautiful view from the H3 marred by graffiti. We made a commitment at that time to return as soon as more ‘tagging’ occurred. The building stayed clean for 5 months but recently we found that the taggers had trespassed on the land and hit the building again. The Omega Building has become a favorite target for graffiti taggers because of its prominent location off of H3.

Fighting to Protect Wa’ahila Ridge

HHC became very active in the long struggle to protect Wa’ahila Ridge (Manoa, Oahu) from the proposed construction of twenty 138,000 volt power lines. HHC’s founder and president, Mike Gabbard, testified at a public hearing, “to even consider putting this ancient, dinosaur technology on the sacred and precious Wa’ahila Ridge, when there are other options, like underground lines, available is unacceptable.”