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Water Woman Visits Elementary School Students

Hawaii News Now - May 20, 2008

By Tracy Gladden

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- Water Woman and Oily Al. They're a couple of the characters thousands of Hawaii school kids know well.

Eighty third graders at Kapunahala Elementary School in Kaneohe watch a skit put on by State Senator Mike Gabbard and the Healthy Hawaii Coalition. It's all about protecting Hawaii's watershed.

"We learned about how to not pollute in the water and keep hawaii clean," said 3rd grader Tianna Ancheta.

"Because we have to keep the creatures alive so they won't die," said 3rd grader Kiara Dilda.

Water Woman teaches the kids about the steps to keep water clear of pollutants.

"Throw your rubbish in the trash can and put your oil in a box," said 3rd grader David Emanuel.

"Don't let anything go down into the rivers. And don't pour anything dirty and don't even put anything that's not supposed to go down the storm drain," said 3rd grader Quade Aiu.

The kids learn if pollution gets into rivers and streams, it enters the ocean they swim in. It looks brown.

Oily Al is an example of what not to do.

"Animals pick up their poop and put it in a plastic bag then throw it away in the trash can," said Aiu.

After learning a much needed lesson from Water Woman, Oily Al is now Awesome Al.

The Healthy Hawaii Coalition has spread its message in over 40 schools state wide.