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Third Graders Learn About Protecting the Watersheds

West Hawaii Today - May 31, 2011

Healthy Hawaii Coalition recently presented its elementary school program, "The Hawaii Watershed Experience," in Kona.

A villain known only as "Oily Al" was caught committing the offenses of pouring oil from his car down the storm drain, throwing rubbish in the fishpond and several other crimes against the aina. Luckily, the students from Kealakehe Elementary School were there to witness the misdeeds and a heroine known as "WaterWoman" was able to correct Oily Al's mistakes.

Watershed protection skit comes to Molokai

Molokai Dispatch - May 26, 2010

A villain known only as “Oily Al” was caught committing the offenses of pouring oil from his car down the storm drain, throwing rubbish in the fishpond, and several other crimes against the aina. Luckily the students from Kilohana and Kualapu`u Elementary Schools were there to witness the misdeeds and a heroine known as “WaterWoman” was able to correct Oily Al’s mistakes. The skit was part of Healthy Hawaii Coalition’s (HHC) popular elementary school program, “The Hawaii Watershed Experience.”

Water Woman Visits Elementary School Students

Hawaii News Now - May 20, 2008

By Tracy Gladden

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- Water Woman and Oily Al. They're a couple of the characters thousands of Hawaii school kids know well.

Eighty third graders at Kapunahala Elementary School in Kaneohe watch a skit put on by State Senator Mike Gabbard and the Healthy Hawaii Coalition. It's all about protecting Hawaii's watershed.

"We learned about how to not pollute in the water and keep hawaii clean," said 3rd grader Tianna Ancheta.

HHC Gives Hands-on Lessons In Gardening

Midweek - July 20, 2011

By Riana Lum

Healthy Hawaii Coalition (HHC)‘s organic gardening class last month at Kalaeloa’s American Renaissance Academy successfully relayed the message to students that growing a garden can be healthy, easy and fun.

“Introduction to Permaculture,” taught by Hunter Heaivilin, concentrated on building and planning a garden while also emphasizing the benefits of having a composting system.

Volunteers battle the paint

KHON Channel 2 News - November 7, 2005 at 5pm

It's in clear view as you're coming off the H-3 freeway overlooking Kaneohe. It's the old Omega station used to house radio equipment for the Coast Guard. But it's become a favorite target of taggers, even though reaching the building isn't easy.

On Monday, volunteers joined the fight against graffiti, armed with buckets of paint and brushes. The Healthy Hawaii Coalition teamed up with the Honolulu Fire Department to repaint the building, which is now owned by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.

Makakilo graffiti eradicated with paint

West Oahu Current - January 11, 2006

By Don Robbins

Volunteers from the Healthy Hawaii Coalition spent a part of New Year’s Eve painting out graffiti along the walls at the corner of Palailai Street and Makakilo Drive, according to Mike Gabbard, the group’s founder/president.

Gabbard said, although his organization primarily focuses on watershed protection on the Windward side, members of the group teamed up with firefighters in November to repaint a Windward building that had been a favorite target for graffiti “taggers.”

Makakilo graffiti elicits frustration

West Oahu Current - December 28, 2005

By Don Robbins

Some residents of Makakilo said their sick and tired of seeing graffiti lining the walls for months at the corner of Palailai Street and Makakilo Drive, and wonder why elected officials seem to be doing nothing about it.

They pointed out the large paint scribblings scrawled in lower Makakilo – mostly colored blue and black – clinging to the perimeter walls of homes on both sides of the street, including right behind a bus stop.

Manger scene turns dismay to elation

Star Bulletin- December 8, 2005

I was disappointed to learn there wouldn't be a nativity scene at Honolulu Hale this Christmas. But my disappointment turned to joy Saturday when I saw that Healthy Hawaii Coalition had set up a beautiful manger scene with Jesus.

I want to thank the group's founder and president, Mike Gabbard, for choosing this theme for their display. It would have been a big letdown if the real meaning of Christmas hadn't been represented this year.

Shirley Aquino

City Lights displays exude Christmas spirit

Star Bulletin- December 7, 2005

I had a great experience the other night watching the opening of this year's City Lights program at the Honolulu Hale.

While the stuff inside was glittery and glitzy, what really caught my attention were the two displays outside, sponsored by Stand Up For America and Health Hawaii Coalition. I would like to thank former City Councilman Mike Gabbard, the president and founder of both organizations, for reminding us what Christmas is really all about.