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Leave It Better Than You Found It

We try to appreciate our pleasant climate by getting outside as much as possible. We work in our organic garden, play tennis, golf, bike ride, visit the beach, surf, or take long walks. Taking in the fresh air, getting exercise, and breaking away from the hectic-ness of our computerized lives is so necessary. I hope you make time for outdoor activities like this, too.

One thing we’ve been noticing more and more and have been bothered by is that many people who do take time for outdoor activities often are careless with their rubbish. Our roadsides, parks, beaches, and waterways are embarrassing. I've heard far too many tourists make the observation that although we live in a beautiful paradise, they are amazed how much trash there is in the environment.

After spending a day enjoying the waves, sand, and salt air at the beach, why not take a few extra minutes to make sure that all of your own rubbish is properly disposed of--including recyclables put into the proper receptacle? And why not pick up some of the other trash that is in the area that may not have been brought by you, but is a potential hazard to the animal and sea life, or is just plain ugly? It’s not up to others, like the city or state workers, to clean up our beautiful island home; it’s up to each of us. If we all do a little we can make big improvements. Please, spend more time outdoors enjoying our Hawai‘i but always leave it better than you found it.